Monday, July 14, 2014


The drive from Santa Fe to Los Alamos was quick and full of sights.  Los Alamos sits on top of a mountain and has a very explosive history.  Our first stop was the Bradbury Museum.  We learned all about the making of the atomic bomb and the history of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

From there we explored the town for a little bit in search for some atomic bomb souvenirs and then headed to Bandelier National Monument in Frijoles canyon.

We camped in the parking lot of the Visitor's Center.  They actually had RV camping which was nice.  We woke up early the next morning ate our breakfast in the EP, bought our park entrance tickets and waited for the bus ride up.

We had a fabulous time hiking around Bandelier and learning about the cliff dwellings we even climbed the 140ft (up 4 ladders and several stone staircases) to Alcove house.
(Checking out the view! LOL!)

Before leaving Santa Fe we had to make a quick pit stop for new hiking boots, paired with our awesome socks that we bought at a boutique on the Plaza, just perfect for hiking at Bandelier.

(Heading back down the 140 ft. climb to Alcove house)

Anywhere that the boys could romp and run free was an excellent stop.  The first cliff dwellings that you come to on the hike to Alcove house had lot of rocks, holes and tight spots that the kids could have played in all day.  There was even a little steam that we had to cross that the kids enjoyed.

Just down the road from the Bandelier Visitor Center is a wonderful overlook with beautiful views of the Rio Grande.  Check out 2 of our photos from our stop.

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