Wednesday, July 16, 2014


On the road from Bandelier National Monument to the Grand Canyon

We are definitely suckers for roadside attractions, after all that is what makes a road trip.  On our way from Bandelier headed towards the Grand Canyon we found all sorts of great things.  The first stop was Four Corners Monument where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet.   FYI, the location of the monument is actually wrong.  The place where the 4 states really meet is 1,806 feet to the west.  Oh well, still really neat to stop and get a photo.

From here we headed to Flagstaff and stayed at a DoubleTree on Route 66.  This was our first night in a hotel and it was so nice to sleep in air conditioning and to take a shower.  Whew! we were not smelling so fresh after a week on the road.  The next morning we hit the road headed to the Grand Canyon and found some more awesome roadside attractions.

Who could possible resist a drive through zoo?  Nope not us!  The best exhibit was the buffalo enclosure.  They came up super close to the cars so you got to see their cute little faces.  Bearizona was definitely not cheap but one of those things that is worth doing at least once.

 Both photos above were taken at the same place.  It was an awesome tourist trap with a huge rock selection area, giant metal horses and carriages and of course the hot rods which you spot first while flying down the road.

We got back in the van and just as we were pulling out we spotted the Flintstone's Bedrock City.  This is a "theme park" however, I put quotes around the words theme park for a reason.  This is the strangest place you have ever seen.  It is more like a deserted barren Flintstone village.

Next stop was the National Geographic Grand Canyon Visitors Center.

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