Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Our family doesn't seem to be much for planning.  We tend to fly by the seat of our pants and I can't imagine life any other way, however that usually makes us have to do double work or cost us more money at least.  

I knew that I was going to take my two boys on a road trip because goodness knows I had talked, no bragged I'm just going to call it what it is, about it for months preceding the event.  If you didn't know, once you put something on FB you have to go through with it or buy a green screen and pretend that you did at least.  My hubby couldn't go with us due to his most recent employment with a new company.  Hey, someone had to stay home and make some money to support our traveling habit.  All joking aside we really do wish that he could have joined us, we sure were happy to see him when we got home.

I had arranged to borrow my brother's Sprinter van.  The van is a stripped out cargo van.  Even cargo vans come with plastic panels on the inside to make them look nice and clean but that was missing from our mode of transportation. The clean plastic panels had been removed the year prior so that my brother could put in spray foam insulation to make the van cooler in summer.  The lights in the top of the van were never reattached so they dangle from the roof by their wires.  Hey it is ugly but way more functional.

Since we were in the middle of a move from AL to TX and wanted to save as much money as possible we were ALL and I mean my husband and I, our two boys, my brother and two large dogs were living in a one bedroom apartment until we could buy a house.  Let me tell you, you cannot pass gas in a place that small with that many people and not create a problem.  So now you see why we took the road trip.  We were simply trying to escape the tiny, over crowded apartment.

I had no idea we were leaving on the day that we left.  The day before I had thought well we might leave tomorrow but it wasn't set in stone.  As a matter of fact I had not even started packing.  When we decided that that was the day we started shuffling stuff, stuff and more stuff into the van.  My brother had warned me that if we had more than 3 outfits each we were taking too many clothes.  Ha! only 3 outfits, NEVER!  We have to have some cute outfits in case we eat in a real restaurant or what if I take the kids photo, they have to look nice and for the first time in my life ever I was not going to dress like I was exercising 24/7.  So we threw all of our stuff into the van along with a few emergency items required by big bro to repair the van if needed.  We had a cooler that plugged in so we stocked it with snacks and hit the road, well kind of.  I never seem to be able to get all of the prep work done prior to the actual trip so that meant that after we were fully packed we still had to go fill up with gas and buy drinks in styrofoam cups at the local Valero so that our beverages would stay cold all day.  

Now we were finally on the road.  Headed out for the trip of a lifetime, no plans, no schedule. We wanted to buy a Go Pro to document our family history making tour. Purchasing the Go Pro was one of those things that a proper planning person would have bought prior to starting the trip but oh no that would have made way too much sense. LOL!  I had no idea that the GPS had routed us through every back road, single lane bridge and po dunk town for hours to come with zero options for buying a fancy action camera.
About 3 hours after leaving the house we stopped in San Angelo, TX.  That is where we were finally able to make our Go Pro purchase, and of course wanting to be prepared we bought several accessories so that we could attach it to various things.  San Angelo had some unique, to say the least, vans parked in the Walmart parking lot.  The top picture is a sticker bus.  You can buy a premade sticker or create your own sticker.  The bottom picture is of well, ummm.. I'm going to say a local musician.  You can hear the music in your head can't you. LOL!  I know I know you all are so jealous that we got to see these and you didn't.  LOL!

Once we got past San Angelo we started to see the wind farms.  I had forgotten that the kids had never seen a wind farm so once they were spotted there was lots of hooping and hollering.  I mean really who doesn't like to see giant windmills.

We were bound and determined to make it out of the state of Texas on the first day so we didn't make any more stops until it started to get dark and we stopped at a Casino in the middle of nowhere.  We were going to just gorilla camp in
the parking lot but cell service wasn't good enough to get a message to my husband about where we were and since it was the first night I wanted to actually speak to him, not just send a message using the GPS Spot Messenger so we decided to keep going and we made it to the Roswell, NM Walmart after dark.  Ahhh!  We had survived the first day, more tomorrow....

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