Thursday, July 10, 2014


Photo Courtesy of New Mexico State Parks

Well, we rolled into Roswell, NM after dark and gorilla camped in the parking lot of Walmart our very first night.   It was a good first day on the road!  Being new to the road life we realized very quickly that we had grossly over packed so before we could begin seeing the sights we had to spend some quality time with the organization section of Walmart.   It is awfully convienant to shop for your house that is parked in the parking lot. LOL! We also filled up on Diesel and a lovely gas station attendant prayed for us on our trip.

After a few trips back and forth from Walmart we decided to see what this alien thing was all about.  The UFO Museum was great but we were seriously under dressed, the other tourists were wearing aluminum foil hats.  We had to check out the McDonald's shaped like a UFO, the hotel welcome signs shaped like aliens and even the lamp posts.

In the gift shop the boys picked up some fun UFO paraphernalia and bought some pressed penny books so they could start a penny collection on this trip.

We didn't want to stay in the Walmart parking lot again so we found a state park near by that looked interesting.  Bottomless Lakes State Park turned out to be fantastic.  The kids saw the swimming area and immediately threw on their suits.  We were too late that day to rent any fun water things so swimming had to do.  That night was rough sleeping because of course New Mexico is not cool at night in the middle of July.

July 11, 2014

The next morning we rented a paddle boat and explored the cliffs around the lake.  We had a fantastic time playing.  We had a hard time however trying to take pictures without the camp host's grandson in the pictures. LOL!  Poor kid was so lonely he was so excited to see other kids.

The water in the lakes was brine water which makes for a nice coating on your skin and your hair.  By day two of swimming in the lake we were on our way to having a nice set of dreads each. LOL!  I had a brilliant idea to copy something that I had seen on Pinterest in hopes of a cooler night sleeping, the cooler full of ice with a fan on it.  It worked, well sort of, not well enough to actually keep doing it.  Have you seen those social media posts that contain Pinterest fails, well, we have a winner. LOL!

We had some body wipes and my oldest had the brilliant idea of putting them in the cooler so we would wipe ourselves down with ice cold wipes or sprits ourselves with one of those water bottle fans and then sprawl out in the floor with the fan blowing on us until we went to sleep. Ahhhhh heat relief!!!  On to Santa Fe tomorrow!

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